Background and Services

Quick change form tool holder system for automatics featuring six point alignment system and quick release form tool head

High temperature steam throttle designed for hostile environment

Sizing gage for transmission shift  plate stamping

10 Station multiple compound angle grinding fixture for syringe needles

Through traditional methods of manual machining,  Willo Design & Mfg. offers toolroom services for manufacturing in the form of production tooling. It is in this area of the manufacturing process that a one time investment in quality tooling can provide a substantial return with increased productivity.  While many production facilities have phased out their toolrooms due to high overhead, we at Willo Design & Mfg. can provide these essential services reliably and with good results. Our knowledge provided by years of collaboration with the manufacturing intense region of
northeast Ohio guarantees a well experienced solution to your production needs. We are proud to make these services available to you the customer in a relaxed professional manner where quality communication is a priority. Contact Willo Design & Mfg. for your production and manufacturing needs

Jim Carson