Who we are
Willo Design & Mfg is a small design and build operation serving the manufacturing sector with 30+ years experience in aerospace, automotive and marine

What we do          
Design and build production tooling, working prototypes, and general machining services.

To support manufacturing in a competitive end prosperous environment.


In 2004 Jim Carson started Willo Design & Mfg to turn a product idea into reality. The concept of a low profile control knob for guitars had been around but no one had yet produced a practical design that could be manufactured in high volume. While the resulting new concept could easily produced in moderate quantities, with only one revision it would be suitable for high volume. Four machines made the initial product run possible. One Bridgeport, one lathe, one surface grinder, and one automatic chucker. It was these same machines that later produced the HyperChange toolholder system for Fischer Special Tooling along with other time saving devices for the manufacturing sector.